PAX Aircraft of Aquiline International Corporation

Since the day company was established, we operated passengers flights in different regions of the world on different type of aircraft. Mainly Antonov An-24 in the the first deacade of company presence on the market and starting from year 2010 Boeing 737-300. Our role in passengers operation was to provide aircraft with crew and maintenance personnel. The airlines, who leased aircraft from us did the rest - ticket sales, revenue collection, handling of the aircraft and passengers etc. 

By always hiring highly skilled personnel - pilots and maintenance engineers and mechanics, investing a lot of time, money, taking a good care about our aircraft we achieved excelent safety record and worldwide recognition. 

Today, due to pandemic of COVID-19 and decline in market demand, we temporary suspended passengers operation and operate only cargo. Widebody Boeing 747-400F on AD HOC charter basis and Boeing 737-300F on dry lease, which is operated by Vision Air. However, we will resume the work, which once created our company and make our clients and partners happy by resuming passenger aircraft operation again. 



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