Aquiline International provides aviation services worldwide. We operate charter flights and provide aircraft on ACMI Basis (Aircraft Crew Maintenance Insurance)

For two decades of hard work our aircraft, with no exageration, flew around the world. They could be seen in every part of the Globe. Africa, Middle East, Asia, South America, Europe and even in South Pole

Appart from the Flight Operation, Aquiline International during many years provides services and fulfils the needs hundreds of companies, that are engaged in the airspace industry. There more than four hundred aviation customers in our Portfolio. We suppy in huge quantities aviation lubricants and greases, aviation tires, consumables, spare parts, engines, Auxilary Power Units, propellers, helicopter rotor blades, breaks and many others.

We are official distributor of such companies as  Exxon Mobil, Nyco S.A., EASTMAN.

For many years we succesfully promote products of such manufacturs and service providers as Jeppesen, Garmin, KANNAD, SKYTRAC etc.

We did modifications on more than hundred aircraft of Soviet and Western origin and fitted them with such systems as TCAS, EGPS, RVSM, BRNAV, ELT (CASPAS/SARSAT) 406, SKYTRAC. We have in our portfolio Emergency Oxigen Drop System instalation on 3 aircraft IL-62 and Cockpit survilance systems.

Many times we did major and minor modifications and aircraft cabin refurbishment. Several Russian Antonov-24 cabin were refurbished to the western standars. We did major structure modification of several An 26 aircraft converting them from CARGO to COMBI version. Our recent modification is Boeing 737-500 from full economy into VIP Club Jet. 

All works are done by our personnel.

CEO, Aquiline Intenrational

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