Aquiline International Corporation Ltd was founded 28th September 1999. 

16th November 1999 company was granted its first license allowing aviation activities, issued by Department of Economics, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates. Same day the key from our first small office with one desk in SAIF Zone were received. This date we still celebrate as companies’ Birthday.

Its activity Aquiline commenced with one leased passenger aircraft of Soviet origin Antonov An-24, operating flights in Republic of Congo (Brazzaville).

Along with aircraft operation, we started fulfill needs of similar aviation companies, who operated small fleet, with lubricants and greases, aviation tires and consumables. At the end of 1999 Aquiline International was granted its first dealership from the manufacturer of aviation oils - French company NYCO S.A. Till now we continue to distribute their products to the airline end-users. 

In the year 2000, Aquiline International acquired its first own aircraft. It was purchased from Romanian national carrier TAROM. A last manufactured Antonov An-24 with the capacity of 50 passengers. Same time we purchased our first aircraft from the lessor. Both aircraft were used for sort haul regional flights within republic of Congo. Mostly PNR-BZV.

In 2003 one Combi Antonov 26B-100 was added to our fleet and we extended area of flights to neighboring countries. 

At the same time we started new line of business in our main base in UAE doing modernization of navigation equipment with western avionics on aircraft manufactured in Soviet Union, that were largely operated in the Middle East and Africa. these were global positioning systems, DME, collision avoidance systems. Later we modified almost all aircraft of soviet origin flying in the region to the latest ICAO standards and safety requirements. One of the bestsellers and main product in our portfolio became supply and installation of EGPWS compliant with Terrain Awareness Warning requirements. We can boast to modify more than hundred Antonov, Ilushin and Boeing 737-200 aircraft with this equipment. 

In 2005 we register our An-26 in Kingdom of Jordan, an ICAO Category 1 CAA with high standards and strictest safety requirements. Same year we started to operate flights for the needs of Jordanian water well drilling company Site Group to war torn Iraq. Later our second An-26 was leased by Sky Link Arabia (SKA) for KBR personnel transportation inside Iraq with base in Baghdad. We successfully did "Difficult Job in Difficult Places" for more than two years providing safe and reliable flight operation to the client.

At the end of 2006 our fleet was enlarged with first Antonov An-32 aircraft. It is more powerful version of An-26 with same capacity and size  cargo compartment, but twice more powerful engine, specially invented for Indian Air force to be operated to highly elevated, short airstrips. It was real breakthrough in our business. 

Starting with 2007 Aquiline International began cargo flights to Afghanistan. In the period of 2007-2009 we operated more than 350 flights from Fujairah (OMFJ) to Terinkowt (OATK) , an airfield near Kandahar on our An-26 and An-32. Hundreds of tons of foodstuff, constriction materials and other general cargo was carried for the needs Australian contingent of coalition Forces.

In 2009 we aquired second An-32 that was leased by JACO and based in Kandahar.

Year 2010 became a real landmark in our work. Our An-32 was leased on a long term contract by DHL Aviation and based in Afghanistan to be used for cargo transportation of USPS. We successfully passed all audits of DHL Aviation and were recognized to comply with DoD safety and quality requirements.

At first one, then second aircraft work for DHL in Afghanistan during 5 years. Large quantity of flights were operated from the high elevated (more than 2200 meters over sea level) airdromes such as Sharona, Shank, Shindan, Logar, Camp Bastion etc. Our aircraft, pilots and engineers provided hasslefree, non stop operation and achieved high Performance Standards according to DHL requirements, that is more than 98%.

Our aircraft supports DHL and USPS needs in this part of the world till now. 

In 2011 another major player on Theater Express  stage achieved us and leased An-32 from us to base it in Kabul. Supreme Aviation that was major supplier of food and water for the armed forces Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan. Our Antonov-32 operated for them during 3 years until the contract to supply US Army was shifted to ALHAM and SILKWAY (together with our aircraft)

Another big step in Aquiline International Corporation history is a ACMI lease contract with DHL Aviation for 3 Airbus A300B4 freighter aircraft. Contract lasted for 2 years and later was handed to the aircraft owner directly. 

In 2015 DHL and USP operation inside Afghanistan was temporary canceled and our aircraft were relocated to central Africa. French Army showed its interest and two aircraft were leased from us to fulfill requirements of French MOD in Burkina Faso and then in Mali and Chad. Antonov 32 aircraft is ideal solution for hostile places and is used to deliver foodstuff and other supplies for French troops in desert African airport.

In addition - flights for DHL and USP resumed in 2016 and we continue providing service to those world leaders in cargo logistics. 

Boeing era. 

Aquiline International acquires its first Boeing 737-300 in 2010 from BBAM. Shifting to new aircraft type was not easy, but it was dictated by the market requirements. Nevertheless all the difficulties we encounter during shifting to new class aircraft JET type, we managed to do it. 

Later on we purchased and started operation of several more aircraft oif this type. One of them is Boeing 737-300QC - quick change, a unique aircraft, that can be converted from passenger to cargo and back to passenger within 30 minutes. Aircraft was purchased from ASL Group and was operated by French Europe Post.

A diamond in our crown is Boeing 737-500 in VIP configuration. This aircraft we operate for charter flights and is used for flying members of different governments, official delegations, sport and music teams, Royal Families members. A number of Heads of Sates also used our aircraft for their missions and they remain pleased with quality of service and aircraft itself. 

At present we own and operate 5 Boeing 737-300/500 on long term ACMI lease and charter flights. Our clients are such companies as Wings of Lebanon, Trans Air Congo, Felix Airways, Vision Air, Delta Word Charter.

Boeing 747 extension

In 2012 we purchased our first CARGO Boeing 747-300BCF. This event became a new stage in company development. One year after aircraft acquisition we signed a contract with Saudi Cargo, subdivision of Saudi Airlines, for Wet lease of the aircraft. Aircraft was successfully operated from Jeddah during two years till the end of the contract. This allowed us to widen geographical borders of our operation and extend scope of our services. 

Later Boeing 747-300BCF MSN 24837 was used for coalition forces in Afghanistan under Silk Way program and then leased to Belarus cargo carrier Transaviaexport on a dry lease. 

At the end of 2016 Aquiline International in Partnership with TCA company purchased another frighter Boeing 747-200, that now continues our operation with Silkway

We never stop on what is already  achieved. In our plans is purchase of few Boeing 747-400 cargo and passengers.

Provision of rapid and quality service is always priority for Aquiline International Corporation no matter is it aircraft operation or any other supplies. This helps us to be successful. In any difficult task we always reach our target. 

Our aim is always high.

The Stars Only are Higher...


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