Antonov An-32 is a re-engined version of An-26 aircraft. The aircraft was specially designed for high elevation, short runway mountain airdromes. The An-32 is brought in to withstand adverse weather conditions and higher payloads than the standard An-26. The high placement of the engine nacelles above the wing allowed for larger diameter propellers, which are driven by 5100 hp rated AI-20 turboprop engines, almost twice as powerful as the An-26's AI-24. Aircraft  enjoys excellent take-off characteristics under tropical and mountainous (high-altitude) conditions.

Aquiline International owns and operates a small fleet of 3 aircraft of this type. Major area of Operation is Afghanistan where Antonov An-32 can show all advantages of its performance. Such companies as DHL Aviation, Supreme Food Service and National Air Cargo (NAC) already enjoyed advantageous utilization of the transport aircraft that fully complies with their requirements and ensure flight safety and security in the mountain war zones. Two of these Branded companies already signed long term lease contracts with Aquiline International.

We operate Antonov An-32 aircraft on ACMI and AD HOC Basis. Having large ramp door aircraft is an ideal solution to transport oil and gas equipment up to 12 meters long, bulk cargo and cargo packed on the military pallets as well as light vehicles. Rolling system on the floor makes loading and off-loading of the aircraft makes job of a load master a real fun.

Modern equipment installed on the aircraft such as TCAS, EGPWS, SKYTRAC as well as powerful engines and experienced crew ensure safe operation in Afghan aerospace.

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