After successful operations of the An-24T tactical transport in austere locations, interest in a version with a retractable cargo ramp increased. Initial studies for the retractable ramp were carried aout as part of the projected An-40 medium transport. When given the go-ahead for the An-26 in march 1968 the Antonov OKB adapted the ramp design of the An-40 to the An-24 fuselage, thus was born the An-26. Particular attention was given to the military mission and the majority of early An-26 production was delivered to the VT-A.

Using the majority of the An-24 airframe, with its high set cantilevered wings, twin turboprops and stalky main undercarriage, the An-26 included mitary equipment, such as, Tip-up paratroop canvas seats, overhead travelling hoist, bulged observation windows and parachute static line attachment cables. The An-26 made it's public debut at the 27th Paris Air Show at Le Bourget where the second prototype, CCCP-26184 (c/n00202), was shown in the static aircraft park.
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